Our Vision and Mission


The MHSO envisions a cohesive society in which Canadians have the tools to eradicate cliché, stereotyping, and prejudice from our places of learning, work, worship, and play. It sees a role for itself in helping the citizens of Canada learn to live together in a pluralistic society, and it is working to develop and support an environment in which all peoples in the country can coexist on an equal basis.

Through its efforts to preserve the records and promote the histories of migration, ethnicity, and Indigeneity, the Society strives to increase access to the products of our diverse heritage, heighten the attention paid to context and complexity in accounts of our past, and create a deeper understanding of the commonalities of our various historical experiences. The MHSO hopes to instill an appreciation of our ‘shared histories’ in all Canadians regardless of their backgrounds and advance the notion that diversity has made a profound contribution to the country’s social and economic development.