Reproduction, Publication of Materials and Crediting the MHSO

Reproduction of Materials

The MHSO can provide copies, for personal and educational use, of selected archival materials. Contact our Archivist, Dennis Moore, by email at or by phone at (416) 650-8238 for information about accessing our collections.

Reproduction Price List

Reproduction Type


Audio-taped recordings

  • $25 per hour or partial hour

Interview transcripts

  • $25 per transcript

Low-res photocopy and PDF file (textual and non-textual records)

  • 65¢ per page

Custom high-res scan (textual and non-textual records)

  • $25 per image

Publication of Materials

Please speak to Society staff directly to obtain permission to publish materials from the MHSO Archives. In cases where restrictions on use are noted, consultation with Society staff is essential. Contact the MHSO by email at or by phone at (416) 650-8238.

Materials from the MHSO Archives may not be published, in print or digital format, for commercial purposes unless prior written consent is obtained from the Society.

In cases where copyright for materials from the MHSO Archives is retained by an organization or individual other than the Society, consult the appropriate body or person directly to obtain permission to publish the materials, especially in instances where publication is for commercial purposes.

Citing MHSO Archival Materials

In all cases, proper credit must be provided to the MHSO when publishing an image, document, or oral history interview from the Society’s archival collections. This includes items published in websites, exhibits, films or videos, books, reports or articles, and all other media.

Citation Line

Title of Image / Title of Oral History Interview. © Name of Institution/Individual to whom the image belongs, any identifier given (e.g., associated collection, publication or project), date, accession number.

For example:

– Photograph: “Harry Gairey dressed in porter uniform.” © Multicultural History Society of Ontario, African Canadian Collection, 9 July 1977, BLA-200813.

– Interview: Interview with Marie Crawford. © Multicultural History Society of Ontario, Scottish Collection, 23 August 1977, SCO-1763-CRA.


The MHSO can provide a copy of the Society’s logo for use in reports and other materials. Please contact the MHSO by email at or by phone at (416) 650-8238 to obtain the logo and suggested tag lines for acknowledgement.