Polyphony: The Bulletin of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario

Polyphony, the MHSO’s journal, was for many years the emblem of the Society’s work and the chief vehicle for making scholars and the general public aware of itsPolyphony research and its efforts in developing resources and collections. Accessible to various types of readers, it has proven an excellent classroom tool for students from elementary school through university. The journal was named Polyphony because of the belief of MHSO officials that the musical concept of many melodies or voices harmonizing contrapuntally and progressively offers a more exact metaphor for the role of ethnicity in the life of the province than does the static image of the mosaic. As the lists below illustrate, each issue of the journal focuses on a specific ethnocultural community or a theme that is broadly relevant across ethnocultural communities. All issues of Polyphony can be accessed online through the Libraries and Cultural Resources Digital Collections of the University of Calgary.

PDF bibliographies are available to help readers learn more about the wealth of information contained in the issues of Polyphony. Browse by:

Issues on Specific Ethnocultural Communities

Thematic Issues