Family Stories, Treasured Memories

The MHSO is the creator of Family Stories, Treasured Memories, a participatory, curriculum-linked, heritage-sharing program geared to students in Grades 5-8. The program was developed in 2006/07 through pilots undertaken, in partnership with dedicated teachers and enthusiastic students, in four Toronto schools – Humewood Community School, Hilltop Middle School, Valley Park Middle School, and East Alternate School of Toronto. Family Stories, Treasured Memories introduces students to the settlement experiences of immigrants through the use of primary sources and the conducting of original research. Students work with historical photographs and oral history interviews from the MHSO’s collection, prepare for and undertake interviews with family members, and display their findings in creative ways. The pilots culminated in the production of travelling exhibit. A website, Family Stories, Treasured Memories, was also developed. Directed towards teachers who wish to use the program in their schools, it contains a detailed program overview with curriculum links, lesson plans, and project ideas; digital content (oral histories, historical photographs); handouts; evaluation rubrics; and many other useful resources.

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Family Stories Treasured Memories