5 Generations: Images of Japanese Canadians

Drawing on archival materials, artifacts, a video, and photographs produced by Andrew Danson and Tamio Wakayama, 5 Generations: Images of Japanese Canadians traced the history of Japanese Canadians from the early 20th century to the present. The MHSO exhibition featured personal accounts in which nisei (second-generation) and sansei (third-generation) Japanese Canadians described how they experienced and perceived the historical events of their times. Mounted as a lead-up to and, then, to mark the 10th anniversary in September 1998 of official redress for the internment of Japanese Canadians during World War II, 5 Generations opened in October 1996 and closed in November 1998. Associated educational activities and events were staged during the showing, and an educational package on human rights violations and the responsibilities of citizenship was produced for use, with secondary school students, in conjunction with the exhibition. The MHSO created the exhibition in partnership with the Toronto Nikkei Archive and Resource Centre of the Toronto Chapter – National Association of Japanese Canadians. It is on permanent loan to the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre where it is currently on display in the Moriyama Nikkei Heritage Centre. The Centre produced a 5 Generations virtual exhibit. It is still available for viewing.

Curator: David Fujiwara

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